DocFetcher Pro 1.8 Release

DocFetcher Pro 1.8 has just been released.

The one big news item for this release is that the program finally runs on macOS, specifically on macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) and later. For those who have used the free DocFetcher on macOS before, a notable improvement of DocFetcher Pro on macOS is that the latter comes with the DocFetcher Pro daemon, the small companion of DocFetcher Pro that provides automatic index updating while the main program isn’t running. Please note that on macOS, the daemon needs to be manually added to the startup apps (also known as Login Items). How this is done is explained on the page “Daemon Setup” in the user manual.

For Windows and Linux users, this 1.8 release brings a critical Outlook-related bugfix (email bodies were no longer indexed) and two minor improvements, as explained on the changelog.

The next items on the development agenda are:

  • a long-overdue bugfix release for the free DocFetcher (v1.1.23)
  • support for the v0.4 format of 7z archives
  • DocFetcher Pro Server, a variant of DocFetcher Pro with multi-user support

As stated in the previous post, due to the complexity of the above items it’s hard to give any reliable release date estimates, but hopefully they will all be completed in 2021.

On the planned 7z v0.4 support: DocFetcher Pro inherited its 7z support from DocFetcher, so currently they both support 7z archives up to v0.3 of the 7z format. However, the recent versions of 7-zip create 7z archives in the v0.4 format, so those archives cannot be read by DocFetcher and DocFetcher Pro. That’s kind of a big deal, considering the relative popularity of 7z archives. Adding v0.4 support in DocFetcher Pro requires completely rewriting the 7z handling, so this is going to be a major item on the development agenda.

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