Refund Policy

Refund in case of defects

You will be given a partial or full refund if:

  • the software product turns out to be defective, and
  • the defect could not be reasonably expected and was not mentioned as a known issue in the product description, and
  • the defect cannot be fixed despite a reasonable effort from both the developer and the user towards fixing the defect.

Please note that merely claiming that the product is defective, without further detail or supporting evidence, is not enough to get you a refund.

The amount being refunded depends on the severity of the defect. In case of a full refund, you will afterwards no longer be able to download the product.

Refund in case of product inclusion

If you used the same user account to purchase two products such that one contains the other as a subset (e.g., “DocFetcher Pro 1.x Windows + Linux bundle” on one hand and “DocFetcher Pro 1.x for Windows” on the other hand), then you are eligible for a full refund of the included product.

Refund in case of accidental purchase

If you accidentally bought a demo version of any DocFetcher product instead of the full version, you are eligible for a full refund.

If you accidentally bought a full version for the wrong OS (e.g., Windows version instead of Linux version), then a full refund is not possible. This is due to the fact that the Gumroad platform currently offers sellers no way of knowing whether buyers have already downloaded a purchased product or not. However, in the case of DocFetcher Pro, you can still upgrade to a bundle version, which costs less than buying the different OS versions separately. For example, the Windows + Linux bundle costs less than buying the Windows and Linux version separately.