Privacy Policy

This site,, is the storefront of DocFetcher Pro and DocFetcher Server, two pieces of commercial software.

On this site, no personal data from visitors is collected, with these exceptions:

  • The email address you submit on the Subscribe page will only be used to send you the newsletter for DocFetcher Pro and DocFetcher Server, and is stored until you unsubscribe. You can do so by clicking the unsubscribe link included in the newsletter.
  • Any emails you sent to Support are stored indefinitely for the purpose of improving the software and its related services.
  • Any user data (such as program settings, index files and indexed files) that is shared with Support via email or through other means will be deleted on the Support side if deletion is explicitly requested.

This site contains links to another site,, where the demos and full versions of DocFetcher Pro and DocFetcher Server can be purchased and/or downloaded. On, this privacy policy applies.