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Paging support for Excel and PowerPoint files: In DocFetcher, when showing Excel and PowerPoint files in the preview pane, the whole file is displayed. This makes the GUI sluggish if the file to be displayed is very large. DocFetcher Pro and DocFetcher Server avoid this problem by displaying the contents of Excel and PowerPoint files page by page. In the case of Excel, each “page” is an Excel sheet, and in the case of PowerPoint, each “page” is a PowerPoint slide.

PDF annotations in the preview pane: DocFetcher indexes annotations in PDF files, but does not display them in the preview pane. DocFetcher Pro and DocFetcher Server do both, with the annotations being appended at the end of each page of the PDF file.

Displaying files containing binary data: DocFetcher struggles to properly display files containing binary data: Often the preview pane just remains empty or contains very little text because the binary data wreaks havoc on the preview pane. DocFetcher Pro and DocFetcher Server on the other hand have a built-in filter to remove binary data before it reaches the preview pane. (Technically speaking, it filters out the so-called C0 and C1 control characters, with the exception of newlines and tabs.) The result of this filtering is that DocFetcher Pro and DocFetcher Server can display files with any amount of binary data quite well. Even displaying the contents of files that are mostly binary, e.g., “exe” or “dll” files, is no problem.