DocFetcher Pro 1.7 Release

DocFetcher Pro 1.7 has just been released. Two indexing-related crashes and one search-related crash were fixed. See the changelog for details.

DocFetcher Pro now comes with a proper user manual, replacing the one copied from the free DocFetcher. With the inclusion of the new user manual, the beta phase has now officially ended. As a consequence, bugfixes and the accompanying announcements will be released at a slower pace, so as to free up developer time for the upcoming items on the agenda:

  • a macOS release of DocFetcher Pro
  • a long-overdue bugfix release for the free DocFetcher (v1.1.23)
  • DocFetcher Pro Server, a variant of DocFetcher Pro with multi-user support

Due to the complexity of the above items, it’s hard to give any reliable release date estimates, but hopefully they will all be completed in 2021.

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