DocFetcher Pro 1.7 Release

DocFetcher Pro 1.7 has just been released. Two indexing-related crashes and one search-related crash were fixed. See the changelog for details.

DocFetcher Pro now comes with a proper user manual, replacing the one copied from the free DocFetcher. With the inclusion of the new user manual, the beta phase has now officially ended. As a consequence, bugfixes and the accompanying announcements will be released at a slower pace, so as to free up developer time for the upcoming items on the agenda:

  • a macOS release of DocFetcher Pro
  • a long-overdue bugfix release for the free DocFetcher (v1.1.23)
  • DocFetcher Pro Server, a variant of DocFetcher Pro with multi-user support

Due to the complexity of the above items, it’s hard to give any reliable release date estimates, but hopefully they will all be completed in 2021.

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DocFetcher Pro 1.6 Release

DocFetcher Pro 1.6 has just been released. The DocFetcher Pro daemon is now fully functional, and two indexing issues were fixed. One of the two issues concerns the indexing of HTML files, the other was an IOException crash due to files with very long filenames. For details, see the changelog.

As for the DocFetcher Pro daemon: If you didn’t know, the daemon’s purpose is to work together with DocFetcher Pro to ensure that your indexes are always in sync with your indexed files. Specifically, here’s how it works:

  1. DocFetcher Pro is capable of monitoring your indexed folders for any file changes, and will automatically update your indexes when such file changes occur, assuming you haven’t turned off automatic index updates.
  2. Of course, when DocFetcher Pro isn’t running, it can’t monitor your indexed folders, so any file changes occurring during that time will be missed. This gap is filled by the DocFetcher Pro daemon. It becomes active when DocFetcher Pro isn’t running, and by itself it doesn’t do any indexing, it just records detected file changes so that the next time DocFetcher Pro is started, the latter will know which indexes need to be updated.

If you install DocFetcher Pro via the Windows installer, the daemon will be installed automatically. In all other versions of DocFetcher Pro, you will have to manually add the daemon executable to your startup applications.

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