DocFetcher Pro 1.11 Release

DocFetcher Pro 1.11 has just been released. The previously announced 7z v0.4 support is now implemented, meaning DocFetcher Pro can now read 7z archives created with the latest versions of 7-Zip.

In addition to 7z v0.4 support, an Outlook indexing crash has been fixed, and a --disable-auto-index-update launch parameter has been added. For details, see the changelog.

Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with DocFetcher Pro’s lack of a global hotkey, which in the Windows and Linux versions of DocFetcher can be pressed to bring the program window to the front. In DocFetcher Pro, this is in fact also possible, with the help of additional software. For details, see the question “Can you bring back the global hotkey from DocFetcher?” on the DocFetcher Pro FAQ.

With last week’s release of DocFetcher 1.1.24 and the addition of 7z v0.4 support, the next major item on the development agenda is now DocFetcher Pro Server. As stated before, this will be a huge undertaking, so it’s going to take quite a while, and furthermore, no reliable release date can be given at this time. That being said, it will probably be finished before the year is over.

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