DocFetcher Pro 1.15 Release

DocFetcher Pro 1.15 has just been released. This is just a minor maintenance release with fixes for three bugs: Two crashes related to tar.gz and 7z archives, respectively, and one minor issue with the preview pane. For details, please see the changelog.

There hasn’t been much activity on DocFetcher Pro lately, mainly because of the focus on the upcoming DocFetcher Pro Server. Another reason is that most bugs in DocFetcher Pro seem to have already been fixed.

For those not in the know, DocFetcher Pro Server is a variant of DocFetcher Pro that is intended to be run as an indexing and search server, and that can be accessed by one or more clients remotely through the web browser.

Regarding the release date of DocFetcher Pro Server, there’s bad news, unfortunately: It will likely not be ready by the end of 2021, as previously announced. The release is now tentatively scheduled for Q1 2022. There isn’t any single big reason why this happened, just many small reasons that accumulated and conspired to cause DocFetcher Pro Server to fall behind schedule. That being said, the project continues to trot along at a steady pace.

As to the current state of DocFetcher Pro Server, there’s now a working prototype that runs on all supported platforms, i.e., Windows, Linux and macOS. Searching, filtering by file location and the preview pane all work. However, there are also many important gaps that still need to be filled – e.g., a login screen with accompanying user and password management, so you can access your search server over the internet without giving everybody else on the internet access to the server as well.

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