DocFetcher Pro 1.17 Release

DocFetcher Pro 1.17 is out. It’s been a while since the previous release (about 9 months), mostly due to DocFetcher Server, and since then a number of bugfixes and a few small feature additions have accumulated. In total, 8 bugs and crashes were fixed, some related to indexing, some related to the Search Scope pane, and some related to the preview pane.

As for features, the new release allows setting a file size limit on the files to be indexed, e.g., “don’t index files bigger than 500 MB”. The significance of this size limit is that it greatly reduces the risk of the application running out of memory while trying to index enormous files. The other new features are a new “Copy With Path” entry in the context menu of the preview pane, and an encoding override setting for HTML files in the Advanced Settings file.

For a detailed listing of the bugfixes and features, please see the changelog.

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