DocFetcher Server 1.2 Release

DocFetcher Server 1.2 is out. This release fixes two indexing-related crashes and a major bug concerning index updates. The bug, as explained in the changelog: If a subfolder within an indexed folder was renamed, moved or removed, the files in that subfolder were not properly updated in the index, causing obsolete files to show up in the search results along the current ones. The obsolete files will disappear once you upgrade to the new release and update all your indexes.

It appears that recently, an unknown number of emails sent to the official support email address (support .. were lost. They were likely blocked on their way through Google’s servers for unknown reasons. If you sent an email to the support address and didn’t get a response, that’s why. Please resend your email to the address currently listed on the support page if your issue still persists. Apologies for the inconvenience!

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